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Tweed mouse design:- Orange & white barleycorn, grey tail and ears.

(Please note the colour of ears and tail may vary)

Tweed Mouse…the perfect gift! Why?

  • Variety – A huge range of colours and official tweed fabric patterns to choose from, pick the perfect mouse for the occasion!
  • Unique – Each mouse has a name unique to his/her character, wearing a little name badge. This unique touch can make it an ideal little gift for a friend or loved one!
  • Handcrafted –¬†¬†Crafting is a skill and our tweed mice require patience, care and creative-ness when creating. No two mice are the same and each one has been made with love.
  • High quality –¬†Quality wool is woven from local sheep on the island, these crafts really are of the finest quality. Click here to find out more about this traditional wool.
  • Collectable – With unique names and characters, this makes collecting tweed mice great fun for all ages. We have many customers who have enjoyed building a family of mice in their home!

Search for your ideal mouse… Click search to find colours, fabrics and names of your choice.

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