Tweed Gifts – Our Story

From a Hobby...

Making mice and rugs started out as just a hobby that Pam enjoyed to do in her spare time. Pam is able to make rugs whilst sitting at a craft market but the tweed mice take more concentration. It takes around 3 hours to complete an average sized rug and around 2 hours to make each mouse. When Pam started she was just giving her to friends and family as tweed gifts… but then (like Topsy) it naturally just grew becoming a popular Tweed gifts business!

To a Business!

MyCreative-Ness – 2014 is when it all began… after receiving great feedback at the local craft market Pam decided to reach out to the community with her popular tweed gifts. Knitting and Crocheting has always been an enjoyable pastime for Pam, the thought of it becoming a business was exciting! Pam had some business cards designed along with a website and turned her home into an upcycled tweed gifts industry!

Story Behind the Mice...

Mice have always been Pam’s ‘thing’ since she was young – real ones, ornaments (don’t ask why!)…and a mouse became her signature. It made sense to make them into tweed gifts after coming to live Lewis where the tweed industry is flourishing. Pam’s mice are just less than 5 inches tall with secure tiny black buttons for eyes. The cute tweed mice have a variety of woollen tails and are stuffed with wool scraps. They come in a range of colours and tweed fabric patterns, each with a unique name. They make great collectables, and everyone loves these unique tweed gifts.

And the Rugs?

As for the rugs – weavers were throwing away their wool ‘waste’ – the edge or selvage of the fabric that gets cut off in the weaving process – and as Pam enjoys crocheting and knitting it seemed a good idea to recycle it and crochet / knit it into rugs of all shapes and sizes, and many of her weaver friends have been happy to give her their waste. Some of the rugs are fluffier than others and are really nice to wrap around you or lie on in front of the fire; others are more suitable for mats – bathmats, doormats, bedroom mats, car seat mats – whatever you like really! In our experience, our woollen rugs are also much appreciated by dogs, cats and indoor pet rabbits!

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